• Hospital Management
        • An advanced, secured and reliable software to meet all Technical, Financial and Organizational requirements of your Hospital.

        • Dental Practice
        • Easy to use clinic management sytem tailored to Dental practice.

        • Pharmacy
        • Software designed to provide you the best in technological support to run your retail pharmacy.

        • LIMS
        • Laboratory Information Sytem that is easily customizable to the needs of any laboratory work with support for individual and Franchise suites.

        • Clinic Management System
        • A highly secured and reliable cloud based clinic management with Telehealth and Patient Portal.

Intelligent Healthcare Platform - Hospital Management, Telehealth, EMR, Integrated Pharmacy and Laboratory solutions.
The leading digital care platform addressing the costliest chronic diseases and elderly care.
AI driven, predictive diagnosis and analytics to enable the best healthcare decisions and allowing more personalized care solutions to each individual.

Sanela is Trusted by Leading Healthcare Providers

AI driven direct-to-patient healthcare services through trusted, intelligent and secured platforms – Telehealth, Homecare Services, Chronic Disease Management, and Predictive Diagnostics.
Productivity Tools for providers – Practice Management, In-person and virtual consultations, EMR, Integrated Pharmacy and Laboratory solutions.


Sanela Product Offerings


HMS is an advanced, modern and reliable Hospital Management System to meet all Technical, Financial and Organizational requirements.


Dental Clinic Software is designed to assist dental clinics, and medical facilities providing oral care in maintaining all aspects of dental care.​


Cloud based, highly secured and reliable Clinic Management system that can be accessible from anywhere for Doctors and Clinic Staff.


Sanela Pharmacy Software designed to provide you the best in class technological support to run your pharmacy


Sanela LIMS Software is easily customizable and adaptable to the needs of the nature of laboratory work carried out in your facility

Care Services

Helalth care services through our virtual care platform sanelacare.com

Multidisciplinary hospital concept, online healthcare clinic, visit planner, first aid website concept. Medical staff and online medical help app or website. Doctor prescribes recomendations to sick patient online.

Virtual Care

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Home Care



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Daibetis Care

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Personal Attendant

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Wellness Packages


Healthcare products and services