• Hospital Management
        • An advanced, secured and reliable software to meet all Technical, Financial and Organizational requirements of your Hospital.

        • Dental Practice
        • Easy to use clinic management sytem tailored to Dental practice.

        • Pharmacy
        • Software designed to provide you the best in technological support to run your retail pharmacy.

        • LIMS
        • Laboratory Information Sytem that is easily customizable to the needs of any laboratory work with support for individual and Franchise suites.

        • Clinic Management System
        • A highly secured and reliable cloud based clinic management with Telehealth and Patient Portal.

Give your employees the help they need to maintain good health while lowering costs.

Program Details

Wellness programs have countless benefits for businesses, from stress reduction to being fit and healthy. Our program is designed to help employees respond to common stressors, such as work deadlines or traffic congestion that are always going to be part of life. With virtual consultations, a network of highly reputed doctors are at just call away.


  • Access to state of the art team of doctors. 
  • Highly secure and private medical records for all your employees for easier access. Patient files and medical history encrypted as per HIPAA standards to maintain the privacy and secrecy of the information.
  • Schedule at your own convenient time for a consultation with your favorite doctor from the network.
  • Preventive medical insights using AI tools.

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